Setup IPP Cloud Print for Windows

  1. Download the „Konica Minolta Universal V4 PCL“ Driver here and unpack the .zip file.
  2. Open in your Windows interface [Settings] > [Devices] > [Printers & scanners], then click on „Add a printer or scanner“

  3. Click on „The printer that I want isn’t listed“

  4. Select „Select a shared printer by name“, enter in the free field „“ (mycompanydomain corresponds to your domain defined in bizhub Evolution; here in the screenshot „evolution“) and then click on „Next“.

  5. Click on „Have Disk…“

  6. Select the x86 oder x64 PCL driver file in the folder from the unzipped .zip file and then click „Open“.

  7. Click on „OK“

  8. Select the "Konica Minolta Universal V4 PCL" driver and click "OK".

  9. Click on „Next“

  10. Select „Set as the default printer“ and then click „Finish“

  11. Open in your Windows interface [Settings] > [Printers & scanners], select the previously created printer and then click „Manage“

  12. Click on „Printer properties“

  13. Select the tab „Ports“, choose the port of the created printer and then click „Configure Port…“

  14. Select „Use the specific user account“, enter the username and password of your bizhub Evolution user account and then click „OK“. It is mandatory to enter your domain name as defined in bizhub Evolution before the user name (mydomain\john.doe; Example here in screenshot: evolution\john.doe). Please make sure that a change of your password in bizhub Evolution is also made in these settings accordingly.

    Note: If you are a user of an external Identity Provider (IdP) (GSuite, Azure AD or Okta), enter the password that you created according to the instructions in step 15.

  15. Log in to bizhub Evolution with your IdP access data, select [My Services]  [Cloud Printer] and set a password. This password should be different from the IdP password because it is required only for the installation of the print driver (step 14).

    Note: This step is only necessary if you are a user of an external Identity Provider (GSuite, Azure AD or Okta) and register with bizhub Evolution using this IdP access data.

Trouble Shooting

If you face issues setting up IPP Cloud Print in Windows, please use the Powershell installation script and follow the steps below:

  • Login to Evolution as administrator and download the IPP Cloud Print installation script (Maintenance->Settings->Cloud Print)
  • Unpack the script into the local folder
  • Open the command line interpreter (cmd)
  • Execute the powershellscript:"powershell -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -File c:\tmp\EvolutionIPPCloudPrintSetup.ps1 -driverName "KONICA MINOLTA Universal V4 PCL"
    Depending on the exact version of the driver the name might slightly differ. In this case the installer will exit with an error message but will list the installed drivers. Check the correct driver name from the list and start the install script again.
  • Script will ask for administrator access to install printer and IPP port
  • After the script has been successfully executed, open the print management (type "printmanagement" in Windows start menu)
  • Navigate to the local ports, right click on to the Internet Port and select configure (
  • Enter your complete Evolution username including the domain (e.g. mycompanydomain\myusername) and password